Since 2013 I have not only published academic papers about Scandinavian film, I have also participated in film productions, curated a festival and organised an educational workshop for children.

The Weird Girls Project Special Episode: Eldena Ruins (Greifswald)

In 2013 The Weird Girls Project was invited to Greifswald in order to produce an original work for the festival Nordischer Klang.The Greifswald based festival Nordischer Klang is the biggest annual German festival dedicated specifically to Scandinavian/ Nordic music, art and literature. It is organised by the Nordischer Klang team associated to the Nordic Institute of the University of Greifswald. The performance and filming took place in the end of march 2013. Under the official festival in may 2013 we showed the first artwork uniquely created for Nordischer Klang in a cooperation of Nordic artists and local people from Greifswald.

The invitation of Kitty Von -Sometime for Nordischer Klang 2013 was coordinated by me, including a successful crowdfunding-campaign (more info here). I was the Production Manager for the Greifswald episode and also organised a lecture by Kitty Von-Sometime on her creative process and the societal implications of her concept-art in combination with the Greifswald based Krupp Kolleg of Science . We also organised a retrospective exhibition of Kitty Von-Sometime’s work including photography, film and costumes of past performances in the gallery space of the literature centre Koeppenhaus.


Coast Mediale – Rostock, 2014

In 2014 I participated in the curation and organisation of the film-festival “Coast Mediale” which took place in Rostock.


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Luftraum : Rostock, 2014 (Gemeinsam mit Lucas Treise)

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